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In the past three decades, the Santa Catarina economy grew 340%, which was much higher than the Brazilian average. This high growth was due to Santa Catarina’s highly successful decentralized development model, which was propitious for a diversity of economic activities, in keeping with the potential of each region. Santa Catarina’s economic activity is characterized by regional specializations, with agroindustry in the west, electronics, metallurgy and machinery in the north, lumber and wood products in the high plains and mountains, textiles in the Itajaí Valley, mining in the south, technology in the capital and tourism in nearly the entire state.

The leading economic activities are agriculture, pork and poultry raising, fishing, tourism, mining, vegetable extraction and industry. The tertiary sector also accounts for a good portion of Santa Catarina income, the services sector employs even more people than industry and commerce has the highest number of companies.


Gross State Product (GSP) by sector – 2010


Trade and Services


Source: IBGE and FIESC, 2010


But Santa Catarina is known above all for the strength of its industrial sector. Santa Cartarina industry is constantly getting stronger, investing in technology, machinery and equipment, research qualification and expansion of human resources.

The various regions of Santa Catarina group industrial companies in a way that creates sectorial specializations. The synergy that results from these groupings and consequent specialization provides a strong competitive advantage, which makes these companies attractive investments.

Santa Catarina industry has an active connection with the world due to its strong vocation for export. Its economy was always open due to the small domestic market and also because of cultural connections abroad, given the intense European settlement of the state.

Exports continue to grow and already reach 190 countries, thanks to a modern and flexible industrial sector that is capable of agilely adapting to different needs.

  •  Leading producer of fish
  •  Leading producer of pork
  •  Leading producer of pork
  •  2nd largest producer of disposable plastics (glasses, dishes, etc.)
  •  3rd largest producer of wood
  •  3rd largest shipbuilding industry in numbers of employees
  •  7th largest producer of food



Industrial Investments in Santa Catarina – 2009 to 2012 (US$ millions)



Source: FIESC/PEI-2012


Industrial sectors with the highest shares in Santa Catarina in 2011

(based on the Industrial Transformation Value)


Food and Beverage
Machinery, Electrical Equipment and Materials

Machinery and Equipment

Basic Metallurgy
Pulp and Paper

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