Business and Investment in SC


Industrial sectors

Several internal factors, such as natural resources, skilled labor, entrepreneurship, use of incentives and favourable government programs have contributed to consolidate important sectoral characteristics in the state's regional economy, which resulted in a strong and innovative industrial sector, with speciliazations in several segments, all of them integrated to the global supply chains.


North Furniture | Wood
Northeast Metallurgy and Metal Products | Mchinery and Equipament | Automotive Veichels/Autoparts  | Plastic Products | Textiles and Clothing
Itajaí Valley Textiles and Clothing | Shipbuilding Industry | Metallurgy and Metal Products | Automotive Veichels/Autoparts

Food and Beverage | Furniture

High Plains Wood | Paper and Pulp
South Ceramic | Eletric Generation, Gas and Oil (Coal) | Textiles and Clothing | Plastic Products
Southeast Hi Tech | Footwear | Food and Beverage (Fish) | Metallic Minerals

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