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Santa Catarina Market


Santa Catarina is a state strategically located in the center of regions of the greatest economic performance of Brazil and MERCOSUR, with an area highly favorable to business.


Despite having only 3.2% of the population, Santa Catarina is one of the most dynamic states with a large potential consumer market.

Area: 95.733,978 Km²
Capital: Florianópolis
Number of municipalities: 295
Population: 6.73 million (2014)
Population density: 65,27 hab/Km2
Literacy: 3,9%
Life expectancy: 76
HDI: 0,773 (2010) – 0,674 (2000)
GINI: 0,445 (2010) - 0,540 (2000)

Despite having only 3.2% of the population, Santa Catarina is one of the most dynamic states with a large potential consumer market. Its land area is the seventh lowest in the country, but the Gross State Product (GSP) is the seventh largest of the 27 states. Also, compared to other Brazilian states, Santa Catarina stands out in most socioeconomic indicators: it has the fourth highest per capita income, the second highest Human Development Index (HDI) and its levels of education and health are among the highest in Brazil. The entrepreneurial culture is also strong, considering the existence of one company in the state, on average, for every 40 inhabitants.

  2008 2009 2010
GSP Market prices (R$ Thousand) 123.282.295 129.806.256 152.482.338
GSP per capita (R$) 10.540 10.240 10.890
Real growth in GSP at constant prices (%) 2,97 -0,07 5,41


  2010 2011 2012 2013  2014           

Exports of goods and services

(US$ Million)

7.582.026 9.051.045 8.920.667 8.688.847  8.987.359

Imports of goods and services

(US$ Million)

11.978.105 14.840.975 14.551.482 14.779.464  16.018.995

Foreign trade balance

(US$ Million)

-4.396.078 -5.789.929 -5.630.814 -6.090.616  -7.031.636



Santa Catarina also fits the concept of diversity in many ways:

  • With the fourth largest industrial park in the country, at the same time the State has a large crop production and is considered one of the leading food producers in Brazil.
  • Cultural diversity is also notable. The people of Santa Catarina was formed as a result of the mix of European immigrants and black and indigenous population. The various stages of colonization of the territory allowed the establishment of Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish and other immigrants, which resulted in different socioeconomic characteristics in the main regions of the state.
  • It has an extensive coastline full of beaches, contrasting with the hills, where the lowest temperatures take place in the country. These destinations are extremely desired during the summer and winter seasons, respectively, making Santa Catarina a famous tourist attraction all year long.



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