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bmw arturoBMW is investing nearly R$ 600 million in construction of its first factory in Brazil, in the city of Araquari (SC). The installed capacity will be 32,000 vehicles per year and this investment will generate nearly 1,300 direct jobs and approximately 2,500 indirect jobs, including suppliers, business partners and new concessionaires.

Various factors were considered to make the decision to install our factory in Santa Catarina, although the main factor was the logistical aspect. The state has five ports and is the only one in the country with this situation, which for our operation is a strategic factor. In addition, our objective was to invest in a municipality that could develop together with the growth of our business, and the city of Araquari has all the potential to do so.

The BMW Group has been undertaking actions that demonstrate its commitment to the Brazilian Market and has reached historic sales levels in recent years. The Araquari factory will certainly reaffirm the group’s commitment to Brazil.

Arturo Piñeiro, President and CEO of BMW GroupBrasil - 14/11/2013

Nearly 10 years ago, we received the mission from the global president of the Takata group to define the best location for a new Takata factory in Brazil, for the production and export of a component of one of our main products, automotive seat belts. We evaluated many possibilities, and weighing in favor of Santa Catarina was its location and excellent logistical conditions, because of the port at Itajaí and plans for the port at Navegantes. We also evaluated the good electrical supply and the plans for the installation of a gas pipeline along federal highway BR-101. It is also very important to mention that the availability of labor with textile experience was a very positive factor in our choice.

The numbers confirm that our project in Piçarras was very successful, because we projected annual production of 72 million meters of polyester strands for seat belts, with 100 direct jobs and we now produce 130 million meters and generate 200 direct Jobs. We are always evaluating possibilities and have expanded our business in Santa Catarina even more.

Airton Evagelista, President of Takata América do Sul - 18/11/2013
besalielbotelhoFoto: Marcos Peron

Robert Bosch chose Santa Catarina state to install its Shared Services Center in 2009 after an extensive viability study, which indicated the city of Joinville as strategic for its vocation in the field of services. This is because of the city?s good infrastructure and public safety, as well as the availability of qualified and competitive labor, due to the quantity and quality of colleges and vocational schools in the region.

Besaliel Botelho, President of Robert Bosch of Latin America



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