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FIESC represents the strength of Santa Catarina industry, composed of more than 50 thousand companies, at which work more than 800 thousand people, it is responsible for one third of the wealth generated on Santa Catarina soil. The entity congregates more than 140 company unions, and its principal mission is to politically and institutionally represent the Santa Catarina industrial sector and promote the synergy of the System, and to offer services in the areas of foreign trade, industrial economic policy, infrastructure and the environment, legislative relations, taxation and labor relations.


Works in conjunction with the Federation, offering technological solutions to industry that encompass the sectors of marketing, communications and business services.


With points of service spread throughout the state, it serves 280 thousand workers per day, with services in the fields of healthcare, leisure, education, pharmaceuticals and food, and also helps companies to develop social responsibility programs. With an innovative approach, the SESI/SC services consider physical, emotional, personal and professional factors to promote the quality of life of industrial workers.


Its main focus is the training of the labor force for industry developing skills by means of professional education, and to provide technical and technological services to the industrial sector. Meeting the needs of the market, the institution has 400 laboratories and has diversified its range of services, which are no longer limited to technical training, but also extend to higher education and graduate studies. Each year, more than 90,000 students register in SENAI/SC and nine in ten are able to find a position in the labor market. The 34 units spread throughout the state have trained more than 1.7 million professionals.

  • IEL/SC

This is the FIESC entity responsible for the articulation between companies, educational and research centers and financing agencies. The products offered are highlighted by methodologies that encourage competitiveness at organizations, such as Industrial Benchmarking, the Responsible Internship and Integrated Innovation Management.

FIESC | Rodovia Admar Gonzaga, 2765 - Itacorubi - 88034-001 - Florianópolis/SC - Brazil - +55 48 3231 4662