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High Quality of Life

Living is good in Santa Catarina. The well-being of the population is comparable to that of developed countries. Eleven cities in the state are among the 50 with the best quality of life in Brazil.

The state’s Human Development Index (HDI), which considers the population’s purchasing power, longevity and educational level, is the second highest in the country. It is one of the states with the highest purchasing power.

  • 1st state in terms of life expectancy (76 y/o)
  • 2nd state in HDI (0,773)
  • 1st state in terms of GINI index (0,445)
  • 1st state with lowest percentages of children living in poverty (9.7%)
  • 2nd lowest rate of illiteracy (3.9%)
  • 3rd state with lowest rate of child mortality (15 per 1,000 live births)
  • 1st state with lowest rate of homicides (12.9 per 100 thousand residents)
  • 1st state with highest percentage of population who have completed elementary and middle school; 6th in high school graduates; 5th in college graduates
  • 1st state in south and 3rd in Brazil with people 25 or older with 15 or more years of studies (12.2 among 1,000 people)


Inequality in Santa Catarina (GINI Index) – 1990 to 2008



Prepared by Bradesco


% of population below the poverty line in SC – 1990 to 2009


Source: OCDE
Folha de São Paulo - 08/12/2010


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