Solid Economic Performance

Santa Catarina is the seventh smallest Brazilian state in terms of land size, but it has the seventh highest state production, (GSP) of US$ 69 billion.

Per capita income is also one of the highest in Brazil, fourth among the states, at US$ 11,190.

It is strong in various economic sectors: industry, commerce, agriculture, pork and poultry raising, fishing and tourism.


Gross State Product – 2010 (R$ billions)

7th state with the highest GSP

Source: IBGE


Level of development - 2010

3rd most developed state.

Source: FIRJAN.
Note: The index ranges from 0 to 1. The closer to 1, the more developed the region is

Taxes revenues per State – 2012

7th State in federal taxes revenues (R$ millions)



Source: Receita Federal do Brasil

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