Business and Investment in SC


Solid Economic Performance

Santa Catarina is the seventh smallest Brazilian state in terms of land size, but it has the seventh highest state production, (GSP) of US$ 69 billion.

Per capita income is also one of the highest in Brazil, fourth among the states, at US$ 11,190.

It is strong in various economic sectors: industry, commerce, agriculture, pork and poultry raising, fishing and tourism.


Gross State Product – 2010 (R$ billions)

7th state with the highest GSP

Source: IBGE


Level of development - 2010

3rd most developed state.

Source: FIRJAN.
Note: The index ranges from 0 to 1. The closer to 1, the more developed the region is

Taxes revenues per State – 2012

7th State in federal taxes revenues (R$ millions)



Source: Receita Federal do Brasil

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