Business and Investment in SC


Strong and diversified industrial sector

Santa Catarina industry is highly competitive due to the state’s strong industrial culture, its sectoral specialization, network of support services for research and training and growing investments in the sector.

The sector is highly diversified and highlighted by companies that produce food, machinery and equipment, textiles and clothing, footwear, metallurgy and metal products, ceramics, furniture, lumber, plastic products, electrical materials, vehicles and auto parts, ships, technology and computing as well as those involved in electrical generation and construction.



  • 2nd state in participation of manufacturing in total GSP 2010
  • 4th largest number of factories in 2011
  • 5th largest number of industrial workers in 2011
  • Leading state in proportion of industrial workers in 2011
  • SC manufacturing industry was the 3rd largest generator of jobs among Brazilian states in 2012

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