Business and Investment in SC


Automotive Vehicles/Auto parts

AutopeçasThe Santa Catarina automotive industry, traditionally focused on exports, has global standard processes and is already Brazil’s largest exporter of diesel engine blocks.

The state stands out in the production of auto parts such as starter motors, bearings and sheaves for automobiles, exhaust systems, truck and bus chassis and cylinder blocks. Santa Catarina is home to the company that leads Brazil and Latin America in sales of starter motors, bearings and sheaves.

The strong presence of the auto part sector has attracted automobile manufacturers to the state. In 2012, General Motors finished building its first factory in the state and BMW is now building a factory in Araquari.

  • 412 companies (2014)
  • 15.8 thousand workers (2014)
  • 4.2% of Manufacturing Value Added in SC (2013)
  • 5.5% of Santa Catarina exports, US$ 493 million (2014)

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