Business and Investment in SC



CeramicaThe ceramics sector is one of the driving elements of Santa Catarina industry, led by construction industry ceramics. The state is home to the company that leads Brazil in ceramic floor and wall coverings (in gross sales).

The state is the second largest ceramics exporter in Brazil and its products have quality similar or superior to those made in Italy, Spain and China.

Santa Catarina is home to the second largest manufacturer of electrical energy insulators in the country and the only company in the world that manufactures non-toxic, refractory ceramic pots that are resistant to thermal shock.


  • 631 companies (2014)
  • 19.3 thousand workers (2014)
  • 2.7% of Manufacturing Value Added in SC (2013)
  • 1.4% of Santa Catarina exports, US$ 121 million (2014)

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