Business and Investment in SC



Energia gas petroleoSanta Catarina has strong potential for the production of electrical energy and supplies more than two million residential consumers and 61.3 thousand companies. The largest private generating company in Brazil is based in Florianópolis, joining the state’s public utilities and dozens of small hydroelectric plants (PCHs) found in the state. There are also 13 wind parks and the Jorge Lacerda power plant, which is Latin America’s largest coal-burning plant. Nearly 38% of all the coal sold in Brazil comes from Santa Catarina, which has an estimated reserve of 3.06 billion tons.

The pre-salt layer on the Santa Catarina coast is still unexplored, which gives the state promise as a producer and distributor of oil and derivatives, as well as natural gas. Santa Catarina has the largest industrial consumption of natural gas in Southern Brazil and has excellent port infrastructure for constructing an LNG terminal. The potential for Biogas in the state is 2.1 million m3 per day. It is the state with the longest installed natural gas distribution network. The state is sixth in industrial sales of natural gas and third in sales to the vehicular market.

  • 243 companies generate electrical energy
  • Electrical production of 7,208,356 kW
  • US$ 285.8 billion will be invested in exploration of oil and gas from 2012-2016

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