Business and Investment in SC


Hi Tech

Hi TechSanta Catarina’s technology industry is prominent in Brazil, growing at average rates higher than 20% a year. The main regional development poles are located in Blumenau, Chapecó, Criciúma, Florianópolis and Joinville and are fully integrated to the industrial activities found in each of the regions.

Santa Catarina based companies stand out among the companies in the ICT sector because it has one of the largest concentrations of electronics, automation and telecommunications companies.

The state is the national leader in software for engineering, for management (ERP), and for textile sector and bank-line management solutions and stands out in the manufacturing of telephones, telephone exchanges, security devices, electrical convertors, voltage regulators, data communications equipment and industrial solutions for laser cutting and engraving.


  • 1,600 companies (2011)
  • 60,000 workers (2011)
  • US$1,5 billion in sales (2011)

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